Day 27: Something that gives you purpose

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Ultimately, My family. There's obviously a purpose for me in this life because I was born by them. I know my purpose is to return the favor of everything they've done for me and more. I want them to be able to relax, while i'll be the one working to help provide for them. My parents give me a purpose.

MY GRANDPARENTS!! I love them soo much!! They both were my brother and I's babysitters and they still do a lot for our family even though they're getting older!! I would love to buy them a house for the two of them so they can also retire and RELAX!!!! Love them soo much!!

My boyfriend also give me a purpose in life. I truly love him, and if all things go well between us, I would like for him to be my husband. Yes, I said it, I'm thinking ahead of myself, and most ppl think it's so stupid to assume that.. but this is me and how I feel. He's really awesome, and we may have our ups and downs and I may talk down on him to everyone making him seem like he's the bad person.. but really it might've been me who was at fault. That's why we shouldn't judge anyone until we know two sides of the story. I love him, and I hope one day we can have a family together.

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