Day 17: A representation of the you no one really knows

Sunday, October 17, 2010

hmm.. Idk this is a hard one.. A lot of people know me for me.. but people who haven't met me yet, or is starting to get to know me only see the very very very quiet shy girl. I know for some people that don't know me, they me see me as stuck up, because I don't talk or give eye contact and just have a straight face. Then gradually when you start to know me I sorta open up, but not completely. After a while I'll be really out there and most people will be like, where the heck did this Liza come from?!!! I LOVE IT!! LOL. I shock ppl in many ways because they just think i'm so innocent and shy.. but really I can be bold and just outrageously out there.

In addition, most ppl didn't know I have youtube accounts of me putting on makeup or me exercising. Sometimes I try to keep it to myself, and whoever finds it find it. So yea.. here's a picture of me with makeup on. And me and my cousin Maricris lookin' all crazy with our dyed eyes brows.


DSC02176 copy

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