Chanel Bronze Universal Makeup Base

Saturday, October 30, 2010

After watch almost all of Pixiwoo's videos, I instantly wanted that Bronze Universal, by Chanel. What stopped me for a lil while was the $50 dollar price tag. This week when I was at back at my apartment in Oakland.. I could not wait for Friday to come so I can buy it. We have a Chanel counter near our house, so I was planning on picking it up when I got home.. But I had no patience.. I kept hearing ppl say it might be limited edition.. bla bla bla.. so My very very Kind boyfriend went to the Chanel Counter on Thursday and got me this bronzer!!! How freakin' sweet! I sent him the picture of what I wanted.. and he just showed the picture to the lady. LOL HOW CUTEE! He definitely had the balls to do this for me! Most boyfriend's would be like.. hell nah.. because they don't want other guys looking at them and thinking they're gay.. but my boyfriend said he didn't care because it was for me. That touched my heart. I love you boyfriend! You're the greatest!!

By the way, the name is not Bronze Universal anymore, they changed it to Soleil tan de chanel. But it's the exact same thing.

I haven't tried it yet because I wanted to take pictures of it first before I damage the little swirl on it! LOL!! So I'm going to try it tomorrow to see what the hype is all about! For now, here are pictures and a swatch. I heard that it won't show on some people as a normal bronzer, although it really is a bronzing makeup base.. but if you're light enough you can just wear it as a bronzer. Hopefully i'm light enough. I'm getting lighter since summer ended.. :/ lol!! Usually in MAC i'm and NC 35. But I don't wear mac foundation anymore because makes me break out like freakin crazy! Probably during the sumer i was an NC 40.. but yeah.. just for reference..





Comparison of the size




they say it's matte, but i see little shimmers in there.. maybe when you a apply it on it's not really visible.

SWATCH! My hands are darker than my face.


It's 48 DOLLARS!! lol! we'll see tomorrow and the following days if it's worth every penny.

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