Boyfriend "I like your eye makeup today"

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wow! I rarely get that from him! It shocked me when I heard those words come out of his mouth!! Lol! It made me pretty happy! He actually noticed something. I know a lot of girls take a lot of their time just try and look pretty for their man. But most of the time, your man, probably does not pay close attention to the effort you put into yourself just for Him. So It's nice to hear that they like something about what you did to yourself because they actually noticed!

All I know is that my boyfriend likes pretty simple makeup. I think that goes for all guys.. Nothing flashy, just nice and natural. Today all I did differently was wing out my eyeliner and made it a little bit thicker than I would normally apply it. (blacktrack fluidline). Then I added dazzlelight eyeshadow to my tear ducts. Wore Dior extase mascara, and mellow mood lipstick from mac.

He thought My eyeliner started off gray and faded into black. I think it was because of the shadow I put on my tearduct, that made my black liner a little bit gray near the inner part of my eye.




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