Friday, October 08, 2010






On Thursday, my parents scheduled a meeting at the Lexus dealership to either keep the car I have now, or try and see if their credit was good enough to get the new car. I wasn't with them at this time because I had class. My Mom kept telling me to pray, and she said that nothing is impossible with God. If you don't need or deserve that car, then God won't give it to you. I prayed, but I wasn't really praying for the car, I was just praying for my parents to be safe on their way to the dealership and on the way back. (the dealership was about 45mins away from them..) I wasn't really expecting anything to be honest.. time passed where I was just like.. it really doesn't even matter anymore.. I'm pretty content with the car I have now.. I wasn't all excited as I was back then. Then suddenly, my mom texted me and she said, we got your white car that we test drove back in August. I was pretty shocked.. My mom said their credit was really good, because instead of talking to the manager of the dealership she talked to the bank. I had a moment in silent, and just Thanked God for everything. I was sorta crying to him and asking him "Why me? There's other people out there who need it more than I do? But I thank you for giving me a wonderful family, and most caring parents." I felt bad.. and I was just wondering why.. my mom told me it's because I deserved it. Then the re-occurring saying that my mom kept telling me kept flowing through my head, "nothing is impossible with God, just pray and give him your full trust." I'm just speechless.. I'm so thankful for my parents.. I swear.. I love them soo much!! I Love you Mom and Dad, you both are my whole world, my life!

I'm going to miss my black Lexy.. We've been through a lot together.. So many memories.. We're bringing her back to the dealership Tomorrow morning. Love you Lex!

Good things come when you least expect it...

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