Been a while!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I came back home for an ortho appointment today.. and finally, they're putting my bottom braces on for sure in November. I already scheduled 2 appointments.. one for the spacers and the following week for the braces. oh boy that is going to too much driving.. hope my mom doesn't get upset with me. lol. Can't wait for that. My Ortho also told me i'll be getting them out by the summer. so yep! Looking forward to that.

After my appointment I decided to just chill at home for a bit. My boyfriend also wanted to see me :D. I havent seen him in like 2 weeks.. He was busy to see me.. I was busy with school with the physio exam and the teas.. and yea. being away from him, not getting to see him by just driving on over to his house.. it was just hard.. I missed him a whole lot.. and when I saw him again.. i had butterflies in my tummy. lol. I was so happy.. he relieves and relaxes me. comforts me.. I <3 Him.

i was hungry, so we decided on getting Taco Truck! MMM i missed it!!!!!! Haven't had taco truck in a quite a while.. I use to have it almost every week.. Then we just went back to my house and chilled and took a nap before I had to leave back to Oakland again.. :/ Hate driving back..

I then left home around 6:50, got here around 8.. and there wasn't any parking inside my apartment.. so I had to park outside across the street. boo hoo! Parking sucks at night! Then I finished my hw due for tomorrow.


My Handsome man, needs a hair cut!

I cannot wait for the weekend! I'm so excited to spend time with him n just relax! Hopefully he'll take me to Ghirardelli, where we were suppose to have our little date after I "passed" my Teas exam..
Oh yea. LOL I fooled him into thinking I didn't pass my TEAS exam for the longest.. and I just told him today. He was really really really happy for me, but irritated that i kept it away from him. LOL!

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