Dyed my hair!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 Days ago I decided to go to the salon and get my hair dyed. The girl who did my hair seemed like she knew what she was talking about and all.. I also showed her a picture of Vanessa Minnillo b/c I wanted a similar hair color to hers. She said, she had a few colors in mind, and I told her would it look good with highlights? she said yes! It'll look even better! I told her i didnt want any thing blonde! I wanted something subtle. She said she new what the perfect color would be. So I trusted her...

*The part I like the most about getting getting my hair did, is when they rinse it out and shampoo and condition it. It feels so darn good!! mmmmm!! their like massaging your scalp and all that goodness!

Anyhoo.. After she rinsed everything out it looked okay... My she blow dried it a bit.. and it just looked alright. I wasn't in love with it.. I went home.. tried to LIKE It.. but ended up hating it! The highlights were too brassy and I just didn't like it. I should have settled for just a solid color! So I called the salon back up and told them I did not like it, and they rescheduled me for the next day at 8am.

They scheduled me with a different stylist named Nancy, and she saved my day. First of all, the previous stylist was trying to dye my black hair, and Nancy said why would she do that? Color doesn't lift color! and The bottom of my hair ended up turning into no sort of color but my natural hair color with HAIR DYE DAMAGE! So Nancy told me she can only do the top half of my hair because that's where the previous girl bleached it and the color would should better on the top. So she finally dyed my hair. And it turned out pretty good. I know not to ever go back to highlights and just stick with a solid color.

I also bleached my eyebrows to bring them to a shade lighter using facial bleach.

This is how i look like when i'm not in the sun




dark brows

bought some products for my now dry damaged hair:



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