Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I haven’t been here in so darn long.. probably since i was 9? and when I was that age, I was afraid to ride any rides. I usually go to great america.. but I’ve gone on all the rides there and it’s a bit boring to me. I had an awesome time at discovery kingdom!! There were wildlife animals! Love it!!!

The first ride we rode was Vertical Velocity!! To tell you the truth, i was super afraid of that ride, and would never picture myself riding that as my first choice of the day. But, to get over our fear, we all rode it! I really wanted to sit in the middle end, so I wouldn’t be whipped lashed on either ends.. The ride shoots you forward in a spiral then shoots you back all the way straight up!! Since Maricris’ bf and mine, wanted to sit in the FAR END where it takes you really high on the drop area, we followed of course. But the ended up taking the next ride after us because some guys had a pass that allowed them to go a 2nd time around. Let me tell you.. That drop made me shiver!! my legs were all tweaking! HAHAHA! i had the jitters after that ride but it was so darn fun! I wouldn’t mind going a second time!

Next ride was ROAR! Pretty fun wooden ride.. Very shaky too! Next up, we just went to go visit all the animals, then stopped for lunch! boyfriend got the tri tip sandwich while I got the cajun hot link. mm it was good! AND GARLIC FRIES OF COURSE! Then, to digest everything off before riding any rides, we went to go watch the Shooka show w/ the dolphin Merlin. It was pretty cool.

The next ride we rode was boomerang! That line was so darn long! I’d say we waited and hour and a half for that thing. By then I was getting really sleepy and tired. But once we got on the ride, my adrenaline was pumping again. The ride slowly takes you back up then releases you into a drop going into loopie loops and is repeated again going backwards! At first when I was watching the ride from the line, the drop didn’t seem all that steep, However, when I was in the actual ride.. I was like when the hell is this gonna stop taking us up?! LOL!! Great times!

After boomerang, the kids wanted to go to Medusa! I sure wanted to b/c that was the ride I was really looking forward to! Luckily the line wasn’t long. That ride was super fun! The funnest ride that day!!! Man I loved it!! I would also like to give big props to Raisa & Christian for savvin it out on the roller coasters!! First time ever on a roller coaster! And Michelle of course!! Raisa barely made it to the height requirement in Medusa tho, but SHE MADE IT!! :D

To end the night, we all enjoyed ourselves to some funnel cake from coldstone!!! SOO YUMMY!!

When I got home I took a shower, and after the shower I laid on my bed with my towel on just to relax.. Come to find out I wake up an hour later still in my towel!! I was so tired!! LMAO!! Good times!

babe bought me taco truck before our way to 6 flags! :D! AHH WHAT A SWEETIE!


Lazy ass Dolphin! Too bad manang cris couldnt take it home! LOL!

uh uh.. v2 was ridiculous! LOL!!!! Marcris and I sat 2nd to the last seat, which meant we were hella high up there!! HOLY CRAP! what a great ride! 

Sea lions

Getting misted 

Tri tip & caujun sausage with GARLIC FRIES! MMM

Zuzu’s fat turkey leg

Shookah & Merlin

Funnel Cake!! OMG! 

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