Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey yall, This post didn't come with a video today but here's an update! So I went home yesterday night after school because I had a dentist appointment the next day in the morning around 9am. So I decided to sleep early and wake up at 7am and work out! Look at that sacrifice!! Sacrifice for a great body at the end! So, I did Pure cardio but skipped the cardio abs for Friday when I do Plyometrics Cardio circuit which is the last work out FOR WEEK 4! HELL YAH! I'm so excited! whooot whooot!

Okay, So waking up is always tough! I think that's is the hardest part in the process of exercising in the morning is waking your butt up!! I don't even eat breakfast.. is that a bad thing? lol.. anyways.. another hard part is making yourself workout! Geez.. you can make up so many excuses in the world and make yourself think you have no time to workout! But damn. I stopped all those bad habits and got my fitness life on straight now! I no longer make excuses for myself and I literally force myself to work out. I don't care if I have to wake up hours earlier just do it.. Because I know in the end everything will all pay off! What what! So excited!

I planned on starting to work out beginning of January but failed because my bad habits and lame excuses. Then when I realized summer was around the corner and I wasn't fitting into my jeans and stretch marks were appearing I really made the effort to actually exercrise and follow through with a program called insanity!!! I'm so happy about myself!! and I am currently 127 so i dropped about 8lbs in about a month! So happy!

So I'm going to do the shakeology contest! I've drank shakeology here and there through out my work out but was never consistent with it. So I started this week on being consistent with it! I will drink every single day as a meal replacement for the next two months and or more, since summer is comming up! They said to start on May 2nd, but I'm getting a little head start on it! Yay i'm so excited for the results and i'm almost done with month 1!!! Recovery week next week. I'm a tad bit scared for month 2 and the fit test. Geez the fit Test scares the begeebies out of me! I feel like I can't improve any more. lol.

Well that's it for now!! take care!

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