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Monday, June 01, 2009

I've been hooked on this "HARD WAX" ordeal ever since I got my Brazilian wax! So, I went over to Sally's and bought a wax warmer which is so convenient and keeping a consistent heat without having to constantly microwave. Another thing I got was this Brazilian wax kit.. which I have already used on my boyfriend yesterday and it works really well! It also comes with the pre and post things to apply before and after which makes waxing less painful and irritable. So here are the pictures..

Here's the wax warmer I got..
Its the Jilbere de Paris European Wax Warmer
Price $ 39.99 w/out beauty card & 37.99 w/ beauty card
It also has a heat setting from 1-10 which is great! You can control the heat with your finger tips rather than having just and on switch.

This is the kit..
It's the microwaveable kind.. but I used it in the warmer. I did have to put foil around it or else the plastic container will melt. The warmer is best used with 14 oz. Tin Can. But I'm buying this other blue hard wax called Cirepil.. it's coming in the mail and I believe this is what they used for my brazilian.
Price: 17.49 w/out beauty card & 15.99 w/ beauty card


I bought this on a separate day
It's witch hazel astringent and it works well with my benzoyl peroxide. My skin is not as peely as it use to be.

Price: $4.29 w/out beauty card & 3.89 w/ beauty card.

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