it's my REAL birthday

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's official i'm 18 and legal. It still sucks b/c i'm not 21 yet. but 18 is good enough for now. I just got home from practice.. busy summer for me. We got to get the waltz down by my birthday party. it's soo sloppy.. for the next week and a half or 12 days, we will be practicing every day. I don't really get to enjoy my real birthday but it's fine. I realy dont like being in the spot light anyways.

Cheska,Armir, my lil sis inlaw & my boyfriend were in the car and I was driving them home.. And it was almost 12:00 on the clock in my car. So mei mei & Cheska were just watching for the time for it to hit 12:00 and they said happy birthdayyy! and my boyfriend was waiting too but apparently he didn't catch that. Then he looked on his phone and found out that it wasn't 12 yet. the time on my car was like 1 minute and a half ahead lol!! So basically he was the first one to say it and then cheska and mei mei said it. then he sang happy birthday to me. :D then I went home.. And here I am.. typing away.. another day awaits... which is practice.. i didn't picture my summer being this busy. I have to do more things... ughh.. soo much too doo!!! I also have a summer reading book from my college.. and I hate reading.. Everytime i read, I have to re read it all over again because it's either i was reading too fast or I read and think of something else which just messes me up. yikes..

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