I found a dress

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Today my cousins and I went out of town to find a dress for my 18th birthday party. We went through the first store and i found something I liked but there wasn't any that was my size. It was either I ordered it or get another dress. So I thought about it and wanted to look around more. We went to two other stores and found nothing that was under my budget. Finally we went back and I asked for that dressed to be ordered. Then I had second thoughts because I really wanted to take the dress home today. I didn't want to go through any hassle by coming back to the store which is far from my house. So Cheska found this gorgeous dress that was my size. Being petite and all, there wasn't many choices for me rarely was there a size 2. So she found a size and it was gorgeous. It's an ivory dress! I also bought a Tiara with it. It was good timing because they were having a sale. So that was good. I am totally satisfied.

In between looking for a dress, we went to the Winchester Mystery House. Just for fun. We didn't take the tour but we got to walk around the house and visit the garden. It was still pretty freaky in the outside. Imagine going inside.. Geez! Its going to be open on Friday the 13th. Then we went to a place called yogurt land. it's so good! you choose your own yougurt and toppings and all that and its 30 cents and ounce. So it was fun and hella good!

Then I got to drive back home. Since i'll be driving back and fourth from the bay, I had to get use to driving in the freeway. i'm totally scared driving in the freeway ever since that big tragic accident. I don't know it's just been a phobia for me. Especially driving near them big ass trucks.

Overall today was a pretty fun day!

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