Friday, June 13, 2008

Sorry for not updating. I've just been trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible by doing other activities other than staying home. The last three days i've been working out in the gym with my niece junalynn, and today we both brought Cheska to go jog with us around the area. It was so tiring! but it felt good! let's just say we spent almost two hours jogging. and we rested in between those times. Then we went for some happy hour at sonics, and some subways. Unfortunately subway don't have all there sandwiches for 5 dollar foot longs. how boo boo. so we settled for the 6inch.

After all that, I went home and got freshened up for a photoshoot for my birthday. It was mostly headshots. I don't know how they turned out.. but when my birthday comes they'll blow up a picture of me. lol. Then I hung out with my mom for a bit. We got some halo halo [filipino dessert] and ate some food. Then inin & cheska called me so I went to go hang out with them.

We went to the mall because I wanted to find heels for my birthday party which is on july 12. We went to dillards, and the non-pickey person that I am found heels that I liked. There silver and very comfortable which is a big plush since I'll be one my feet most of the damn time. Then we went to 7 eleven to get some stuff to munch on and kicked it at my nieces house for a bit. Then back home.

At home I spent time with my family. I also got a new flash for my camera. SB800. It works wonders. I was taking pictures of my parents and brother. Then we spent the rest of the time playing wii fit. IT is SOO FUN! let me tell you. It really gets your heart pumping. lol, the way my mom plays is soo funny! It's fun. And making the characters for eachother was fun too! I have some pictures of my day today. [using my new flash sb800] I didn't really know how to use it.. so I was just messing with it.

My brother, munching on my hot cheeto puffs. [which i adore]
nikon 061208 035

His poopie load of shoes..
nikon 061208 039

His guitar
nikon 061208 041

Just experimenting
nikon 061208 042

My daddy
nikon 061208 046

My mom and my bruh bruh
nikon 061208 047

His salad
nikon 061208 050

looks prettier with the new flash
nikon 061208 053

my mommy
nikon 061208 054

wii fit!
nikon 061208 055

yumm my favorite drink! only 99 cents at 7 eleven
nikon 061208 066

brehh brehh on wii fit
nikon 061208 072

Dadd on wii fit
nikon 061208 074

my parents
nikon 061208 075

lol!! my mom is using her head! lol!!
nikon 061208 077

My brothers cool trash can. but he uses it to keep his coins
nikon 061208 037

Thats about it! I made like four videos last week. but I really didn't have the time edit them! sorry bout the long wait!

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