Visiting my brother

Monday, May 12, 2008

On Saturday I had time to visit my brother. But before that I completed my mother's day shopping by buying flowers for my mom and my grandmother. I also bought my brother a small stick balloon.

Here are the pictures to my visit with him. :D
And also proof that his picture is so clear and no dirt no nothing was covering his face [read last entry for further description]

Isn't he handsome? They say he looks almost exactly like my other older brother when he was younger.

It was good spending time with him. A few tears came out. :( ..
Oh yea, while we are on the subject of my brother, On Friday I had to present a poem which we had to choose out of a book and a a song to relate to it. So I choose this poem that had to do with a mother losing her son. It reminded me of my parents losing my oldest brother. So the song i related the poem to was "One sweet day" by Mariah Carey. It made my teacher a bit teary eyed. I dedicated that to my oldest brother.

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