Finally graduated!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I graduated on Saturday morning. and It was freakin sprinkling! it was so cloudy too! I was expecting a nice sunny weather. But it's okay! I'm just proud I didn't trip getting my diploma wearing heels on the wobbly stage. It really didnt hit me that I graduated highschool I really dont feel it. I'm just glad it's the summer! woo hoo!! Now I can catch up on my sleep and do some tutorials!

I'll post up pictures of my graduation soon!

I'm finally done with finals! I graduated with a 3.0. so I am pretty excited about that. I thought I was going to mess up during the finals but I tried my best to study. I'm not the brightest person in the world.

Today I'm going to buy my nikon D300! IM SO FREAKIN EXCitEd FOR THAT! OMG! I saved up my money and graduation money and my mom is kinda helping me! yay! were going this after noon! I will definitely post pictures of my amateur skills. LOL! I know nothing. But I'll hopefully take those free classes that they have.

Maybe i'll do a tutorial today. If i can get my lazy ass out of bed! it feels so good to spend time with my bed! lol!! right now I'm watching Food network. love that channel! but I can't cook for smack! maybe fried rice.. n that's it! lol! i'll but updating later!!

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