Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today, I didn't get to hang out with my baby, because he went to his co-workers kick back after work. So I was stuck at home. Being stuck at home gave me the chance to finish my hw, and do two valentines looks. That's a sign that I had a lot of time on my hands and I was bored! lol. I'm really missing my boyfriend right now. I can't wait until valentines day though. I got my boyfriend something from the disney store that really remind me of him. I hope he likes it lol. And im going to bake him red velvet cupcakes :) . My first attempt was alright, but my next one will be better. We only have four days of school this week b/c Friday is our prez holiday therefore we have a 4 day weekend because were off on monday too cuz lincolns bday. So the week after that we have 4 days of school and on the 22nd Friday, is my baby's birthday. he's turing 21! yay. lol. fun fun.. graduation will soon be right before my eyes.

I really love listening to bone thugs. their songs really ease my mind, and it relaxes me. One day i would want to meet layzie bone. I think he's cute. lol. and i like the way krayzie bone raps it's soo soothing.. sooothes my soul..

Anyways, i didnt have anytime editing the baking video that the girls and i made yesterday. Hopefully this week. Good night ppl, I gotta hit the sheets soon, I want this week to start already!!!

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