it's almost valentines day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yay!! It's almost valentines day! Im excited! I don't even have school the next day, isn't that great?! Tomorrow, My boyfriend & I are going on a double date with his co-worker to Red Lobster. YUMM! I love Red Lobster, I always get the "Steak & Lobster" Which is $30 for that one plate & it comes with a side salad that is bombing and some bread! LOL. Damn.. I seem like a PIG talking about all this manly food. I don't know, I love steaks, I'm not a girly EATER if there's such thing. That's why everyone calls me FAT! lol. I dont aim for the lean stuff.

Like this one time, It was my Freshman formal, and My baby & his bro inlaw and I, went to Lyons after the dance, and I ordered this burger. And when I got it, it was hecka huge. Then I thought to myself, "I can eat all of this, but should I? It would make me seem like i'm hella fat and stuff. But you know what, he should love me for me." So I WENT on and attacked that burger like no other. Being full after eating it more than half way, I still attempted to finish it because I dont like wasting food. I really dont. My baby was so impressed, I thought he was gonna be like.. damn.. fat ass. But he loved that I killed my burger. LOL. Ever since I was never ashamed to eat anything, no matter how much of it there is. So i really impressed him. LOL!

Today, after I baked for my baby, which i will post pictures of that after I upload them. I went to the store to buy some batteries for my calculator, because it's running low and I have an statistics quiz tomorrow and I really need it. I was looking for triple A batt, and I WAS LIKE DAMN! I didnt know batteries COST that much!! usually I take batteries from my mom, but this time she didnt have any, so she gave me money to buy some. and for 8 AAA batts, was like 7 something. DENG! Then while I was waiting in line, there was this man with balloons and flowers and candies in his cart. Seemed like he just got off of work and went to the store to pick his wife something. I thought that was soo cute! You just had to be there to see it. It amazing how sweet guys can be under there MANLY View shall i say.

Here are the homemade "Red Velvet Cupcakes" I made for my baby.

LOL, the "a" wouldnt fit in the tray so I had to put it down where the heart was.

The middle Is suppose to be a mini heart shaped cake. And four cupcakes around it with sprinkles and initials of my boyfriend and I. "VL" could be like louis vuitton.

Closer view of the heart shaped cake, Kinda looks like those cookies you can buy at the store.

Left overs. Ima have some downstairs, I haven't tasted my creation yet. I will soon taste.

It took me forever to make these. I just wanted them to look perfect!
The icing is even Home made too! and the letters. Everything is except the sprinkles!

School was actually fun today. The most fun part was psychology class! We had the "infamous blind period." It where the whole class is blind folded for the whole period so that we can get a chance to use our other senses, other than our eyes which we use 70% of the time. It was so crazy yet fun. We were all blind folded and we went out to the track, and my teacher grouped us up into 5 groups. Us being all blind folded, our teacher said that we were going to do a centipede race! The first group that wins gets extra points. LOL!! how crazy is this?! were all blind and were touching eachothers shoulders and everytime he would blow the whistle, the person in the back have to find there way to the front while still in motion and dont forget BLINDFOLDED! none of us can see, there was no cheating because we had this eye patch the covered everything. Then after the centipede race, he connected us all to one big line, the whole class were all in one big line blindfolded. And were walking around the whole school, and there was a few whiplashes now and there lol! IT seemed like a roller coaster ride! you can't even see anything! It was so crazy! then he lead us to some stairs and stuff which was pretty tricky. And we had to feel our way around. IT was soo fun! I want to do it again!!!! Then he lead us back into the class room "still blindfolded" and we had to find our desk, and once we found our desk, we could take off the blind folds. LOL!!! man that was some fun ass stuff!


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