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Sunday, February 10, 2008

On Friday, I went with my babe to give rocky is last puppy shot. He had grown sooo big. But I still love the cutie. Then around 6pm we went to the Arden fair mall which was about an hour to 45mins drive from where we all live. We brought two cars with us, maricris' and mines. lol. It was fun! I love that mall man. I wished we had one over here. I haven't been to Arden Fair in so long. ANDDD!!! GUESS WHATT! THERE WAS A MAC FREESTANDING STORE! I've never been to one in my life. And that was the first time I seen it when we went to the mall. My baby was pretty calm when we went in there, i thought he would complain about why i have so much make up, but he didn't. :D that made me happy. He was actually paying attention to the lady who was showing me some eyeshadows. LOL, it was cute, you just had to be there. Then he bought me two eye palettes a blush palette and two eyeshadows. And in return, I bought him a shirt & some jeans from demo's. AWW i love my baby. He told me to save my money so we can hit up the mac store in SF, cuz I heard they have some pro products over there. I can't wait for that one. I'll post up my hauls once I upload them onto my computer. That day was pretty fun! I want to go there again!

On saturday, I was depotting my eyeshadows on to my palettes. I'm arranging them from colors, like having a pink palette a blue palette, and so on. I need to buy more. The palette are very convenient, I love it. I can't wait to get more. The lady also told me that by recycling the e/s cases[ 6 of them] back to them, I can either get a free eyeshadow, lipstick, and there was something else. But yea.. I will certainly do that. yay... How fun. LOL. First time i've ever been to a free standing mac store. I saw one at the great mall a while back, but I wasn't too interested in make up at that time. No i'm crazy over it! lol

Also on Saturday I hung out with Junalynn & Cheska, We baked a cake w/ green icing. Home made icing. lol. We made a video out of that. So i'll have to upload and edit the videos and pictures. :)

My baby rocky got big!!

Hauls from MAC!
Two e/s palettes
one blush palette
Two e/s
Trax e/s & Moons reflection

Moons reflection



organizing them by color so i can fill up my palettes. I need more palettes. lol.
Those are all my shadows.

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