Update on Clearsil Ultra

Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is an update for my Clearasil ultra that I bought on Thursday. I was asked by Anna to do one. So, by far I think this would be the best facial wash I've used. Knowing that i've only used it for about 4 days. But we'll see as time goes by. I really like this wash, the scent smells pretty good and it goes on soft on your face. I actually did see results on my pimples. They got smaller each time I used it. But I think it's more effective if you use it daily and leaving the product on your face for a while as you massage it rather than washing it off right away. I really love it. This is the best drugstore brand that has ever done this for my face. So I recommend it for those who are breaking out. Maybe it depends on what skin type you have, but It really works well with me. I hope this helps Anna! :)

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