New years!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New years was pretty good. I liked it. Especially hanging out with my boyfriend. It was better than last year. Maricris was a little too tipsy and she was dancing like a freak! hahaha. so was cheska inin and kim. They funny. It was over all a fun day. At first I wasnt sure my boyfriend was going to come because he didnt call me until 11:30pm. but i kept buggin' and he finally picked up. Thank the lord! I got my newyears kiss! :) and I also put redlipstick on and kissed him on the cheek for that red mark! hahaha. It was a cool day. My mom wasnt even trippin. it was like 3 something and she still didnt call me to go home. so yuppppp.. Hopefully i`ll get to hang out with my boo again today, he gotta get his hair shaved off and an outfit to wear for our 3 year anniversary! were going to take pictures like we do every year. I will post them up to see how much we changed over the years. I can't wait! I'll try to do another tutorial today. I think i'm going to try that look maricris did on me and her new years look. but its kinda going to be different. I'm not sure yet though. But she did a GOLD subtle smokey look. It's pretty nice.

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