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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I got a new camera today and I LOVE IT! Let me tell you about it. I took pictures of it but I will uploaded it later because it's on my other camera which I will be giving to Cheska. Hopefully she'll take good care of it because it's still good!! I'm a real SUCKA for electronics. I love getting new cameras, camcorders, cell phones, things that have to do with the computer etc. Basically I like things that people rarely have. Like since the iPhone came out.. I wasn't sure I wanted to get it because I knew a lot of people would get it. And I was right. But before It came out I settled with the Sony Ericson K790a cybershot and the camera has 3.2 megapixels. I got that around February of last year. And I love it. Anyways back to my New camera!!!

Its a Sony Cybershot DSC-T70. It's 8.1 Megapixels and it has a 3.0" wide screen touch panel LCD. IT's A FREAKIN TOUCH SCREEN. OMG, I love the features too! There's a painting section where you can scribble on the pictures using you finger since it's a touch screen, and there's stamps also!! and frames! there's also this smile detector, If you smile big enough, It'll take the picture automatically. Ain't it cute? I love it, it's so fun to play with. I'm going to buy a case for it because It's so precious!! I definately love this camera!

Here are some pictures my boyfriend and I took today with my new camera. There's also a little sample of the paint section on the picture and a frame on it. Enjoy!

Let me tell you guys something! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TACO TRUCK! I can basically live off this stuff! I was introduced to this stuff like 2 years ago from my boyfriend. He always use to get his sister Taco truck at night because she would always crave for it. He'd usually get it downtown which is bombing over there! But then we found another one closer to our house! Which is a big HOORaY! I love it.. he got me hooked on this. I also got Junalynn hooked on this stuff too! It's bombing, but It depends on what Taco truck you go to.

After getting taco truck, We went to 7 eleven to get slurpees! which would complete our meal! This is a picture of my boyfriends slurpee that he mixed. I had my own, but my boyfriends look more colorful and it also matches the starburst retro limited edition! So I had to take a picture of this! I love the starburst Retro edition! ITS BOMBING! yumm!! I was such a fatty today, you don't even know!

This was us at TARGET, after getting 2 dvd movies. WE got ultraviolet I think and Perfect stranger. WE watched perfect stranger today and it was crazy!!!

LOL, First camera shot before going into target!

This is what im talking about. The green stuff is the paint thingy. My boyfriend did my name but I accidentally covered it with the frame and saved it. Oops. Sorry babe!
Today was pretty fun! I can't wait until Friday! We get out of school early on Friday because it's 8th grade day! lol. The 8th graders come to our school for their little orientation thingy. And tomorrow I start school at 10:30. This is why I am up a little late and I couldn't wait to post up these pictures! LOL! I LOVE IT!

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