Momma's birthday

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Today is my mom's bday she's 49. wow, i didnt even know she was that old. well HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Tomorrow, I am back to school. I will probably lay low on the tutorials[MAYBE] because I need to start focusing more on collged application and my senior paper. I have so many things to do before the school year is over. Tommorrow I will get started on the two essays that I was suppose to write over Christmas break! damn, I just hate procrastinating. The thought of school makes my knees weak. It felt so good sleeping in! but the sooner I got back to school, the quicker the summer will come! YAY!

I'm sitting here being bored, waiting for my handsome boyfriend to call me so I can see him today. waiting waiting waiting. I just gotta keep myself occupied.

Here are some of my MAC hauls..

I got the mac originals eyeshadow, the moisturelush eye cream, sculpt & shape powder, & a few lipsticks from the originals line.

I can't wait for the FAFI line to come out! man.. It looks so fun!
I got these pictures from temptalia

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