Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I just got back from dance practice for our club. The dance is really good actually. We're performing it in front of our whole entire school. This will be intersting. I wonder how their reactions will be. Usually no one every performs except for the cheerleaders and drill team. Now we finally get to perform for the 2nd time ever performing. If we have a video of it, i'll post it up. I think we'll be performing this month ? or february. not sure yet.

School is going okay.. It's pretty easy right now because it's the first week of school. But I can tell it will be a stressful semester. Senior paper, Bio Psyc fair, Essays, projects, etc. I will try my best to really do well, because I want to graduate with at least a star next to my name which symbolizes honor. Or maybe two stars so I can beat my brother. Other than that, I really have to focus. So I have to lay it down with the online shopping because my mom is getting mad at me. So in return I will work hard for them A's.

I don't think I will be posting much tutorials now that I'm back in school. We'll see. I need to finish writing my two college essays which I haven't finished yet. My manang eileen really helped me, and I thank her soo much for that. I don't even know how to re-pay her but yea.. I owe her a bunch. So with manang Rowena. They really helped my brother and I get ready for college. I just hope I get into these two colleges, Or else I will freak!

Okayy.. I have to stop here and get to studying and writing up my essay. Take care everyone, I will be hittin this up every once and a while whenever I get the time!

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