Monday, January 28, 2008

The weekend was pretty fun. On saturday it was Maricris' boo's 21st bday. We all went to his house to celebrate. Then after went to my other house. But before that I went to go take my baby to go buy his PS3 for his early bday present. Although his bday isn't until feb. 22, I couldn't help but get it for him right away. At first we went to best buy to get it, but they only had 40gb. I didnt want to get him the 40gb because I didnt save my money for THAT! I wanted to get him the 80gb, I wanted it to be worth my spending. So we ended up just buying the remote for the ps3 at bestbuy, and after we went to target, because last time I went there, there was like 3 80gb over there. So we found one, and I bought him it and he was so happy! I don't think he has ever had a console for himself. Aw.. the smile on his face was so cute!! very charming ehh? Then after we went to starbucks and got some drinks. :) It was pretty fun. Here are pictures!

Iced white chocolate mocha & Strawberries and creme.
Mines is the Mocha, My babes is the strawberry

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