I'm so out of it

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well.. I'm back at the blogspot, and I am so freakin bored. My parents left me to go watch a concert somewhere and I'm home alone.. =( . I'm basically the only child left in this house. My brother is gone to college, but he come's once and a while. I called my boyfriend earlier, but he's gonna go bowling with his friends. So basically the only person I'm talkin to right now is Cheska, Inin's Boo. I was talkin to manang cris earlier, but lord knows where she went lol. I can't wait until Thanksgiving break. Although It's only 4 days (including the weekend) I still can't wait. It's been a while since my school had break. Then once we get back to school after the break, 3 weeks after is finals then Christmas break! boy oh boy I cannot WAIT! Then during the break, on January 3, will be me and my baby's 3 year anniversary. It doesn't even feel that long, but I love it, because our relationship stays super fresh!

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