Monday, November 26, 2007

Gosh! I need to lose weight! my face is gettin fat! fatter than before. =(.. even crissay noticed it. Lol! but yea.. Ima start exercising again.. I`m sucha lazy old fart. I couldn't even keep up with crissy the other day while we were doing some butt & abb exercises. I am so outta shape. manang, lets work out again. I really need it. I want to look good for the summer so this time I can actually wear a bathing suit without wearing a tanktop over it! goodness.. im soo fat.... ;(

Oh yea that tutorial down there. that was my first. It aint all that.. I had no idea what I was doing. I`ll see if I want to make another one. I pretty much suck at it. Someone cheer me up!

I miss my boyfriend. It felt like I haven't seen him in weeks! more like 3 days. lol. Hopefully i`ll get to see him tomorrow. Im hecka boyfriend sick! It's almost our 3 year anniversary comming tho! I cannot WAIT! hopefully elephant bar will be opened by then.

SCHOOL! omg.. school is a bummer. 1st Semester is almost over! 3 more weeks until school is out! I get to go out earlier than others during the finals because I have no G PERIOD! [ our school is weird, the periods go by letters instead of numbers ] On Monday 12/17 our periods are AB, Tues. CD, Wed. EF, and thursday [which i wont be going to] will be G! YESS I START MY CHRISTMAS VACATION EARLIER THAN OTHERS! I love it! hopefully next semester I wont have an A period because I want to drop my cooking class. I`m over my credits so I want a break!

SO manang if you read this.. some how some way can we go jogging together?! or exercise! please?! let's bring cheska's ass along because she needs to pay off for what she didn't do with us last wednesday. damn whore! lol.

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